Urban Bushwalk #1 – Valley Reserve

Given that I like most I don’t have a massive amount of opportunity to get out of the city, I thought I would post a series of urban/suburban walking spots. The aim will be to find spots that offer a bush escape without needing to leave metropolitan Melbourne.

The first urban bush walk is through a park I discovered while living in a share house in Mount Waverley a few years back. Valley Reserve is made up of 15 hectares of remarkably intact native bushland plonked down in the heart of suburbia (only 5-10 mins from the train station too!) The park serves as an important habitat corridor for a number of native flora and fauna, along with the adjacent wetlands and Scotchmans Creek area. Within a hundred metres of the carpark you could easily mistake this for a national park trail further afield.


The Reserve has seemed to have undergone a bit of development since my last visit, with much more interpretive signage surrounding the walk, explaining revegetation efforts and the details of species to be found in each area. A super rad adventure playground was also installed a few months ago, and it is both sensitive to the aesthetics of the park and has awesome equipment (I am a child at heart).



As for walks, there are three main signed walking routes you can take through the park. Your best best is either to combine the tracks (taking some time at a few spots with a field guide perhaps to see what birdlife you can ID) or to continue on as I generally do towards the Scotchmans Creek Trail and Mount Waverley Wetlands.

Other than on the ‘Woodland Track’ (which protects remnant forest) you can take you pooch along for the walk (so long as you pick up their poop and keep them on their leash!)

Dusk would also be a great time to visit the park, and perhaps also to take part in Melbourne Water’s Frog Census.

Comment below if you have a suggestion for the next #urbanbushwalk



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